This blog is all about our faith in God. About the One who gave us the gift of life, family and friends. We're here to share our wisdom, faith and knowledge about Him. Hope that your faith will be filled with fuels of hope.


If GOD provides for the birds in the air, then much more will He provide for His beloved children. 

There’s no need for you to worry on your finances, your food everyday, or the things that you need. Trust in Him. He knows what He is doing. He knows when to give it, in His own perfect time.

Have faith in Him. He is and will always be our GREAT PROVIDER :) ♥

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Today, if you’ve been believing God for something that seems like it’s taking a long time, don’t give up! Remember, God knows exactly where you are. He knows the desires He’s placed within you. He’s working things together for your good. He’s promised to finish what He started, and as you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart!

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Today, I want to remind you of what God says about you. No matter what’s happening in your life today, remember: you are not limited by your resources, your family or your background. Almighty God has equipped and empowered you. He has given you creativity, ideas, inventions, skills and talents. Don’t you dare settle for a mediocre life! Today, I call forth the seeds of greatness inside of you.
Today, I declare that your best days are ahead. That you are going to go further than anyone in your family ever did; that you are going to dream bigger and live higher. I declare that you are a leader, an influencer, a minister of reconciliation. You are the fragrance of God to the nations.
Before anyone put a curse on you, God Almighty put a blessing on you. Walk and live in that blessing by following His commands and staying fully committed to Him in everything you do!
Don’t forget the real meaning of Christmas :) 
Have a Blesssed Christmas everyone!

Almighty and loving Father, Creator of the universe, we fervently ask Your divine and infinite Mercy to take control of the rain and typhoon. We put our trust in Your power. We implore You to embrace our country. Calm the weather as You did with your disciples at the middle of the sea. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.